Dad From Scratch

Dad From Scratch is a podcast created by Steve Fink, a father of two toddlers in Baltimore. The show was created to feature as many different and unique perspectives of fatherhood that Steve could find. We all experience this wild journey differently and it's interesting to see how our backgrounds or careers or beliefs or cultures alter the way we enjoy (or not enjoy, for some) being a dad. Dad From Scratch aims to take in all those perspectives through weekly interviews. Steve Fink is the Director of News Programming and Promotion for CBS Local. He's spent 15 years with CBS, working in Baltimore and Manhattan. This podcast is not affiliated with CBS or any CBS property.
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Jun 28, 2016

In this episode of Dad From Scratch, host Steve Fink interviews a sportscaster who dares anyone to question him after having his first child in his 50s. This inspiring interview takes us inside the head of Mark Viviano, who offers words of encouragement to anyone facing a stigma holding them back from finding happiness in life. He reveals what happened in the life-changing moment that ultimately led him to his future wife and son in this tell-all conversation.

Jun 27, 2016

It's one thing when you don't have any kids and learn you're having twin boys, but it's an even bigger shock to the system when you're unexpectedly expecting twin boys and you ALREADY have two toddler boys at home. In this hilarious first-ever episode of Dad From Scratch, host Steve Fink makes one of his best buddies be the inaugural guest on the show to talk about how he's keeping sane following this shocking revelation in his  pal's life.